Jewellery Remembrance Set


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Jewellery Remembrance Set

  • A Set of Jewellery custom made
  • Pendant, Keychain and Bagchain
  • 3 pieces of art
  • Handmade by the artist, Renate Leijen
  • A very special gift for you or someone you love
  • Resin Art
  • Colours and kind of Gemstones are chosen to fit the Colour of your Pets Hair
  • This Pendant 3 cm x 5 cm, other sizes are possible
  • This Keychain Pendant 2 cm x 4 cm, other sizes are possible
  • This ┬áBagchain has four small charms
  • This set is 99.95 Euro
  • The price can be different if you choose a few bigger charms or a different size/shape pendant
  • Custom made
  • Every set is different and original

This wonderful remembrance set will make you able to have your memory of your favorite pet with you all the time. You will not wear the pendant every day, but you will take your keys with you. The Bagchain is an extra accessory. Every single piece will remind you of your horse, cat or dog.

One example is made of the hairs of a dark chestnut mare called Vaya. Her hair was not only worked through the resin, but is also used to make the tassel that is part of the Bagchain.

The other example is made with cat hair and has Cat Paws made of Tiger Eye

  • Ask me what is possible and tell me your favourite colours and gemstones

Please be free to contact me for information about this special set and the price. Made for you in loving memory of your cat, dog or horse.