English Course

Since 2013 Kattengenetica.nl has a basic course about cat genetics in Dutch. A year later we developed a follow-up course. We also made three puzzle books which are 100 % about cats.

My wish was to translate the basic course into English and in april 2019 the English version became available. Called ‘Genetics for Cat Lovers and Cat Breeders’. ISBN 978-90-830097-0-4

A lot of people share their home with a cat and they wonder why the cat has stripes or is red or black or blue. The Basic Course is about the common colors, patterns, with white etc. In 12 lessons you learn all about it.

The course is made by two teachers who are also cat judges. Renate Leijen is the mentor for all the English speaking students. Although you receive a book send by mail, the course itself and the exam are by e-mail. You can start anytime.

The course is based on one lesson a month. You have 12 months to finish the course, but of course you can finish sooner or take some more time. Just ask your mentor. After your exam we send you a certificate and a logo that you can use, for instance, on your website.

We hope that you will order the course as we like teaching about our wonderful companions, cats, and all the varieties in looks. Have fun learning about stripes and spots, white and black, tortoiseshell and white gloves.

What others say:

Shireen wrote: 'I can highly recommend this informative course!'
Linda; 'Well, I can finally say I have successfully passed the course in Basic Cat Genetics!
Although I am in New Zealand, working with Renate Leijen has been great. She always got back to me promptly when I had a question and always explained everything well.

The only thing I found different was Classic Tabbies, as we call them in the Southern Hemisphere are called a Blotched Tabbies in the Northern Hemisphere.

I recommend this Course to fellow breeders and any one else wanting to learn about Basic
Cat Genetics.Thanks Renate!!'

Content of the Basic Course

Lesson 1          General introduction in Genetics

Lesson 2          Terms and Codes

Lesson 3          Shorthair and Longhair

Lesson 4          Basic Colors

Lesson 5          From Black to Fawn

Lesson 6          Agouti and Tabby

Lesson 7          White

Lesson 8          With White and White Gloves

Lesson 9          Silver and Golden

Lesson 10        Albino-group

Lesson 11        Reading Pedigrees and Color Testing

Lesson 12        Genetics Puzzles and Test Exam


The all-in costs of the course are:

  • World               299,50 euro

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What does it include?

  • A full color book, 122 pages full of information, professional graphics and photographs
  • Your own mentor during the whole course
  • The exam
  • The certificate
  • A logo, that you can use on your website for example
  • P & P