Information English Course

Since 2013 has a basic course about cat genetics in Dutch, a year later we developed a follow-up course. We also made three puzzle books which are 100 % about cats.

My wish was to translate the basic course into English and in april 2019 the English version became available. Called ‘Genetics for Cat Lovers and Cat Breeders’. ISBN 978-90-830097-0-4

A lot of people share their home with a cat and they want to know why the cat has stripes or is red or black or blue. The Basic Course is about the common colors, patterns, with white etc. In 12 lessons you learn all about it.

The course is made by two teachers who are also cat judges. Renate Leijen is the mentor for all the English speaking students. Although you receive a book send by mail, the course itself and the exam are by e-mail. You can start anytime.

The course is based on one lesson a month. You have 12 months to finish the course, but of course you can finish sooner or take some more time. Just ask your mentor. After your exam we send you a certificate and a logo that you can use, for instance, on your website.

We hope that you will order the course as we like teaching about our wonderful companions, cats, and all the varieties in looks. Have fun learning about stripes and spots, white and black, tortoiseshell and white gloves.